The Five Horizons Foundation Thanks You!

 The Five Horizons Foundation
Thank you from The Five Horizons Foundation to all of the awesome Pearl Jam fans for helping to raise over $5,000 on this tour at 5H pre parties. As a community, we done some great things already and can't wait to do it again on the next tour.



Pearl Jam Themed Drink Special Ideas

I got such a fast response on Twitter that I thought I'd start a page.  The two Wishlist Parties I'm working on for Philly and DeLuna will have specialty drinks available.  The goal is that each drink purchase of that drink will generate a donation from the bar.  I'm looking for clever names of drinks that are Pearl Jam related.  We haven't decided on what the mix will be so that's open for suggestion as well and may be dictated by the name of the drink.  Thanks for the ideas and the support on planning the parties!

Submissions so far:

@alicia1980 -  yellow ledbItter - a refreshing bitter lemon cocktail
@NoExpiration - "Dirty Frank"?
@graham_box - A Dirty Frank?
@5hrzns - BLOOD!!
@petitcakeshop - neutron bomb?
@JimMacLeod - Dirty Frank Martini
@PJDelica - Oceans alive? Spin the black cocktail?
@Child_Of_The90s - BLOOD!!!
@BryanOulton - I'll send you a few as I come up with them, but Glorified G and Juice (gin being the G)
@PJDelica - Cocktail evolution baby? Don't call me cocktail? Go animal?
@ma2chee - Love Boat Captain (Morgan's) & Coke
@BryanOulton - Bushleaguer for a Bushmills and Coke/Diet Coke.
@BryanOulton - Given to Fly should be a shot of Jager
@BryanOulton - Nothing as it Seems could be a play off of a Long Island Iced Tea.
@Captnhappy - I'd order a Dirty Frank lol, not sure what would be in it, but maybe Amaretto with a full lemon squeezed into it, on rocks
@BryanOulton - Red Mosquito could be white rum, orange juice, grenadine, lime & a float of dark rum.
@cosmicdetail - neutron bomb!
@BryanOulton - WMA could be Whiskey Manhattan Always
@ma2chee - Red Mosquito would be a good drink name...
@_newgeneration - Satan's Bed - Absolut Peppar or any chile-infused vodka, possibly as part of a PJ-inspired Bloody Mary.
@kmakrevski - yellowlemonbetter? Might be a gross drink tho
@ma2chee - maybe a Yellow Ledbetter?
@petitcakeshop - ole?
@myfishpablo - how about a Red Mosquito?
@jgroove93 - " Elderly Woman behind the Liquor Counter in a Small Town"...if they can't say it , they can't order it.
@Captnhappy - an MFC? Midori(melon), Franjelico(hazlenut), Cranberry? (dont know how that would taste lol) or can use malibu(coconut)
@jgroove93 - " Wild Eyed Crazy Mary".. some Jersey Devil red wine renamed.
@eenjvt - "Crazy Blood Mary"...
@PJ_Updates - I am gonna go with 'Green Disease'. Sounds like a stiff drink:)
@maquinadehuesos - A vitalogy with a Little ten of versus
@turnout_trout - In My Tree which is close to a British term for drunk, which is..... Out of Your Tree
@The_Custodian - Red mosquito juice
@ant4177 - Not For You, 'Even Flow', Last Kiss, Last Exit, Immortality, Got Some, Yellow Ledbetter, Down, Man Of The Happy Hour
@Child_Of_The90s - COMATOSE!
@PJDelica - I got another one...I'll have a Deep, Dissident, Even flow please. Could be a deep cocktail with Disaronno evenly poured.
@The_Custodian - green disease a drink with chartreuse
@icarter626 - @myfishpablo COMATOSE
@Mojorisin55 - Or a nasty STD
@Matt_Esterman - Crazy (bloody) Mary
@laurawassenberg - or how about a severed hand?
@Matt_Esterman - The Fixer
@Matt_Esterman - Comatose
@upthesteelers - Bushmillsleaguer
 @Robolfc77 - immortality just breath
@claudio_russo - Sweet Lew!

Please place more ideas in the comments section (this is a lot of copy and pasting from twitter :))


  1. I love the Glorified G and Juice idea! How about Old (or Ole) Faithfull?

  2. What about a Pukin Lukin??? Vodka, Rum, Triple Sec, Cranberry and Orange Juice?

  3. "Brain of J"- Jameson Irish Whiskey substitute... Pearl Jamily is the creed I bleed... Link/photo: