The Five Horizons Foundation Thanks You!

 The Five Horizons Foundation
Thank you from The Five Horizons Foundation to all of the awesome Pearl Jam fans for helping to raise over $5,000 on this tour at 5H pre parties. As a community, we done some great things already and can't wait to do it again on the next tour.



Pearl Jam - Footsteps



Don't even think about reaching me. I won't be home.
Don't even think about stopping by. Don't think of me at all.

I did what I had to do. If there was a reason, it was you.

Aaah, don't even think about getting inside. Voices in my head. Ooh, voices.
I got scratches all over my arms. One for each day since I fell apart.

Ooh, I did, oh, what I had to do. If there was a reason it was you.

Footsteps in the hall... It was you, you.
Ooh, pictures on my chest... It was you. It was you...

Ooh, I did a what I had to do. Oh, and if there was a reason... Oh, there wasn't no reason. no.
And if there's something you'd like to do. Oh, just let me continue to blame you.

Footsteps in the hall... It was you, you.
Ooh, pictures on my chest... It was you, you. Oh

Wiki Info:

After leaving Bad Radio, Vedder was without a band, and for the rest of 1990 he worked part-time as a night attendant at a local gas station.[16] Through the Southern California music scene, Vedder met former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummerJack Irons, who became a friend of Vedder and who would play basketball with him.[17] Later in 1990, Irons gave him a demo tape from a band in Seattle, Washington that was looking for a singer. He listened to the tape shortly before going surfing, where lyrics came to him.[18] Vedder wrote lyrics for three of the songs in what he later described as a "mini-opera" entitled Momma-Son. The songs tell the story of a young man who, like Vedder, learns that he had been lied to about his paternity and that his real father is dead, grows up to become a serial killer, and is eventually imprisoned and sentenced to death.[18] Vedder recorded vocals for the three songs, and mailed the demo tape back to Seattle. The three songs would later become Pearl Jam's "Alive", "Once", and "Footsteps".

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