The Five Horizons Foundation Thanks You!

 The Five Horizons Foundation
Thank you from The Five Horizons Foundation to all of the awesome Pearl Jam fans for helping to raise over $5,000 on this tour at 5H pre parties. As a community, we done some great things already and can't wait to do it again on the next tour.



Pearl Jam - Hitchhiker



You fool, dude what do what you think you're doing?
So you're lost, my problem, that's not
Conductor says, 'off of my train'
We understood, guest/host relationships ain't my thing
Even if I could, you ain't the kind of person I would help anyway
I'm about to explode
Cuz I can't carry your load
Hitchhiker... go, hitchhiker

You're cool, and cold in your calculations
We're friends, only because of my situation
I'm about to unload
Cuz I can't carry your load
Hitchhiker... go, hitchhiker

So be gone, too soon is too late
I don't want no delay
So be gone, get your food off someone else's plate
Go tell all your friends
I'm an idiot and you're great
Hitchhiker... hitchhiker...
Now go, hitchhiker... go, hitchhiker

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