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Thank you from The Five Horizons Foundation to all of the awesome Pearl Jam fans for helping to raise over $5,000 on this tour at 5H pre parties. As a community, we done some great things already and can't wait to do it again on the next tour.



Watch a fellow PJ fan smash a laptop Eddie Vedder style on live TV

Brand new release of Bomb in the Backseat 


Click here to see the music video for Bomb in the Backseat

Comments from the artist: 

"Music is supposed to make a statement. In fact, if you're not trying to
get a message across, you're just rambling. Isn't that why we love Pearl
Jam to begin with? A group that stands up for what's right and brings a
voice to the injustice we feel as fans? That's exactly what my band, Doug
Ratner & The Watchmen are trying to do with our new single, "Bomb in the
Backseat". Mainstream media however, doesn't seem to "get it" and we were
recently banned from a popular local NBC TV show for playing our song and
smashing a lap top on live TV. But if they actually listened to the
lyrics, they would see the truth and that we're not condoning violence,
but stating a fact about society. If the media is going to bully us, it's
the job of music fans to stand up for what's right. Like us on Facebook-
Doug Ratner & The Watchmen and let us know what you think of this song.

Rock on.

Doug Ratner & The Watchmen"

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All the people walk around with looks on their faces
They think the demon is me but they are mistaken
They got greedy eyes, bloody hands covering up the gold
Used to justify all their plans to subjugate the fold
Even if I was like them I wouldn't ever tell
It's all joke, hahaha.

I got a bomb in the backseat waiting to explode
I learned how to make it from an APP on my phone
I got a bomb in the backseat waiting to explode
Another in the trunk that's ready to go

All the people walk around but all they do is stare
I gotta run fast there's so much to prepare
They got beady eyes, dirty hands, comin' to get me
Used to justify all their plans, expect me to believe
All the things we're forced to read I know that they're not true
It's all a joke, hahaha

I got a bomb in the backseat waiting to explode
I learned how to make it from an APP on my phone
I got a bomb in the backseat waiting to explode
Another in the trunk that's ready to go

4, I gotta hurry up don't wanna change my mind
3, I hear em coming, I'm running out of time
2, the clock is set, now I'm the one who laughs
1, yes! I did it, there's no turning back

I got a bomb in the backseat waiting to explode
I learned how to make it from an APP on my phone
I got a bomb in the backseat waiting to explode
Another in the trunk that's ready to go


  1. This is a statement to the ignorance that still exists in mainstream media. They just had to listen to the words of the song to see that in no way do these guys promote terrorism or condone violence. This is an awesome song.

  2. What statement is smashing a laptop trying to make? That sometimes, technology can be bad? The irony amazes me - smashes a computer, then goes and plasters the video all over any site they can find. Then he talks about 'mainstream media' censorship. HA! The song is about these bad things you can find online... should we remove them? Wouldn't that be censorship? If not, then all I get as a bold statement is 'sometimes, technology is bad.' Friggin' profound.

    I also know someone who was banned from the fan page for making logical comments like these. Now that's some real irony there.

  3. all hype no substance. I would be impressed if they did more than drop the laptop and step on it a couple times. The lyrics are mediocre at best there is no depth to any of this and I don't think the TV station cared about the "message" being sent. Bomb+backseat+post 9/11 America= media frenzy. Good for them though, being able to capitalize on this whole ordeal.

  4. The song is about the effects of childhood bullies and the implications of what can happen when a mind is molded to believe the world is against them. The song is a counterpoint to another song on the EP, Ghost in the Mirror, which if understood chronologically, then the character development may make sense to you, or maybe not. It's understandable how a band whose target audience is teens and pre-teens may get some older die hards sarcastically saying their message is "friggin profound" but I'm going to defend the fact that the music is made to help those who are most vulnerable, and if it can cause more harm then good for the future plugged in generation, then rock n roll lives on.

    Kent Graham
    Doug Ratner & The Watchmen

  5. I can accept that. I honestly don't have much of a problem with the song, other than that intro riff annoys me and the lyrics are a bit too "here is exactly what I'm saying." Nothing to read into. But it's pretty catchy and the production is solid enough.

    My problem is with the act that surrounds it. If the song relates back to bullying, why smash the laptop? But even beyond that - the show isn't refusing to play the footage because the song was "offensive", it's because he acted like an ass on stage. Then he touts off about the mainstream media censoring the truth. Please.

    So Mr. Graham, if I were you I would tell my client to stop the sideshow act. Be real to the music and yourself, and if people get the message then they will respond. Don't try and shove it down their throat by attempting a piss poor Pete Townshend on a computer.

  6. Yeah I wouldn't consider Doug, Mark, Austin and Jimmy "clients" but I appreciate the response, and I'd be happy to go into a back and forth with you about symbolism and the emotional detatchment of youths as a result of technology pervading basic human emotion, but if you don't dig the song, then I guess I'll save my time and thank you for your input, Anonymous.



  7. DRTW are a great bunch of dudes. Ive booked them myself and shared the stage with them and they are a genuine bunch of guys. Sucks they got banned but I know they love the rock star lifestyle and will stand behind their music and their message. Doug is an incredible guitar player and so what if his lyrics are straight forward, that's his style. I get the whole "why smash a laptop thing?" It didn't hit home with me either but he is an entertainer bottom line is he could smash it just for the entertainment of the crowd. Plus that song is #4 on Amazon classic rock downloads so obviously people enjoy it. And now a shameless plug......check out my band 23 enigma

  8. Mainstream media will just stop being main and lose the stream. In the future the people and artists have more control and can choose what they want to do, to listen and to see...