The Five Horizons Foundation Thanks You!

 The Five Horizons Foundation
Thank you from The Five Horizons Foundation to all of the awesome Pearl Jam fans for helping to raise over $5,000 on this tour at 5H pre parties. As a community, we done some great things already and can't wait to do it again on the next tour.



Pearl Jam - Untitled


Found a few different versions of the lyrics for this song.

The official ones from Yield are:

We're all crazy
We're all crazy and we're

The extended version are closer to this.


I got a car, I got some gas
Oh let's get out of here
Get out of here fast
Ooh everyone's confused
So I stay in my room
If I go, I don't want
To go alone

I hope you get this message
Oh you're not home
I could be there in
Ten minutes or so
Ooh i got my things
We'll make it up as we go along
Oh with you i could
Never be alone
Never be alone

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  1. This isn't the Yield version. Isn't that

    "We're all crazy, We're all crazy and we're..."