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Thank you from The Five Horizons Foundation to all of the awesome Pearl Jam fans for helping to raise over $5,000 on this tour at 5H pre parties. As a community, we done some great things already and can't wait to do it again on the next tour.



Pearl Jam Bassist Jeff Ament auctions off two base guitars

Oh to have money!  Check these babies out!  They're from Jeff's newly designed line and the ad promises that he'll personalize it for whoever wins it.  Talk about a trophy.

Here's the source link.

Below is the information from the site.

Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament has hand-painted two of his new signature model “JAXT4” electric bass guitars, created in collaboration with legendary Northwest guitar and bass builder Mike Lull. Proceeds from the online auction will benefit 826 Seattle. Ament will personalize each ONE OF A KIND, hand-painted bass for the winning bidder.

This JAXT4 bass is painted by Ament with a light “seafoam” green color with the word “NOISE” (in a stencil-like design) painted repeatedly in white over the instrument’s body and neck. All hardware is chromed. Custom Jeff Ament hardshell case included.

The second bass features Ament’s own “red splatter” design- a maroon-red paint for the base, with “splatters” in lighter colors all over the instrument’s body, neck and headstock. All hardware is chromed. Custom Jeff Ament hardshell case included.

Click HERE to bid on the “green noise” designed bass.

In the 21-year history of the band, the JAXT4 bass guitar is the only musical instrument to have earned the endorsement of a Pearl Jam band member in the form of a signature model. The JAXT4 features a 20% oversized body, but thinner body thickness than Mike Lull’s standard T-bass models, along with a reverse headstock. It comes with a chromed metal pickguard engraved with an Ament designed T-bass logo, Jeff’s signature on the headstock along with a special Mike Lull logo designed by Jeff to be used only on his signature model. Included is a custom Ament hardshell case with a hand-stenciled logo on the exterior, along with a bag of a dozen assorted Ament custom guitar picks.

Jeff Ament is a songwriter and bass player for Pearl Jam, and one of the band’s founding members. Ament is also known for his work prior to Pearl Jam with the 1980s Seattle based bands Green River and Mother Love Bone, and is particularly noted for his work with the fretless bass, upright bass and twelve-string bass guitar. (

Mike Lull has been working for 35 years behind the scenes among Seattle area musicians, building and fixing guitars and basses. Well-known both locally and nationally, Lull has a dedicated following of musicians, music lovers, and hobbyists. Known for his high quality work, Lull continues to hand build and test each instrument that leaves his shop (
The proceeds for this item benefit 826 Seattle

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