The Five Horizons Foundation Thanks You!

 The Five Horizons Foundation
Thank you from The Five Horizons Foundation to all of the awesome Pearl Jam fans for helping to raise over $5,000 on this tour at 5H pre parties. As a community, we done some great things already and can't wait to do it again on the next tour.



New Pearl Jam Tour Announcement?

If you love PJ please read this!

There's chatter on the Pearl Jam Forums encouraging people to make sure their Ten Club memberships are locked in by this Sunday afternoon.  Historically, when something like that is posted it means they are about to announce a new tour.  Since they've been out of the country for so long, I've got my fingers crossed that we will have an announcement for a US tour within the next few days!  This is pure speculation on my part but it would line up with a spring release of a new album and the conclusion of the European Tour.

The reason they want your membership updated is because they will offer special seating to anyone who has a membership prior to a certain date (probably Sunday).  This means, if you're not currently a member of the Ten Club and you want in, RIGHT NOW would probably be a smart time to join.  You can do so right here.

If you have goosebumps, you should be in the Ten Club!

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