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Pearl Jam - Red Mosquito

Day 2 of PJ20


Featuring: Julian Casablancas


Watched from the window
With a red mosquito
I was not allowed to leave the room
I saw the sun go down and now it's comin' up
Somewhere in the time between

I was bitten
Must have been the devil
He was just payin' me a little visit
Oh, reminding me of his presence
Lettin' me know he's waiting

Red man's your neighbor
Call it behavior
And while you're climbing up slippery hills
Two steps ahead of you, punctures in your neck
Hoverin' just above your bed (2X)

I was bitten
Must have been the devil
He was just payin' me a little visit
Oh, reminding me of his presence
Lettin' me know he's waiting
He's waitin'... Hopin'... Yeah

If I had known then, what I know now (4X)

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Origin and recording
"Red Mosquito" features lyrics written by vocalist Eddie Vedder and music co-written by bassist Jeff Ament, guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready, and drummer Jack Irons. At Pearl Jam's July 18, 2006 concert in San FranciscoCalifornia at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Vedder said regarding McCready's lead guitar work, "In the studio he played that part on that record...he played it with a Zippo old Zippo lighter. It belonged to my grandpa and afterwards he asked if he could have it, and I said, 'no.' But, I found it the other day Mike, and I wanted to tell you I found it and I might give it back to you. I think you should have it."[1]


The lyrics for "Red Mosquito" were inspired by the events surrounding Pearl Jam's June 24, 1995 concert in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park.[1] When introducing the song at Pearl Jam's July 18, 2006 concert in San Francisco, California at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Vedder stated, "This next song is a connection to San Francisco ‘cause it was written in a hotel room here, in the midst of having a really, really bad day."[1] Vedder was forced to stay at a San Francisco hospital after suffering from the effects of food poisoning, the same day the band was scheduled to play at Golden Gate Park in front of 50,000 people.[2] Vedder left the hospital to play the show, but only managed to make it through seven songs. Neil Young filled in for Vedder for the rest of the show that day. Because of Vedder's health the band was forced to cancel the remaining dates of the short tour that they were on.[3] When introducing the song at Pearl Jam's June 16, 2008 concert in ColumbiaSouth Carolina at the Colonial Center, Vedder stated, "Alright, this one goes back aways. It’s all about…uh…being trapped in a hotel room with an insect."[4]
Regarding the situation, Vedder stated:
That whole [Golden Gate Park] thing was a blur based on some bad food. It was really, really bad. Looking back at it, it doesn't seem as intense as it was, but it was horrible. I just felt not human and looking back I should have got through that show somehow, and I think the fact that Neil [Young] was there made me feel like I could get off the hook in some way and I did go out for a few songs. I just didn't feel good about the whole thing, I felt swallowed up by the whole deal. It was just a situation where you couldn't go to work. But I think now I'd probably get through that show.[5]

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  1. hindsight always softens the edges ... food poisoning is a horrible ordeal I,ll take the 7 songs and Uncle Neal